Subaru Harness Conversion - ship us your wiring

Subaru Harness Conversion - ship us your wiring

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Conversion of a Subaru wiring harness for a VW (Bus/Bug/Vanagon/Etc) to Subaru engine conversion. You remove the wiring harness from a donor vehicle, ship to us, and we return the modified harness ready for connection into your project chassis - Instructions and labels provided.

  1. Remove harness and trim it down to save on shipping (optional) - use the connector guide: Harness Connectors
  2. Print and include in box: Harness Info Sheet
  3. Ship to us for conversion. You can pay when shipped or when we're ready to ship back

Type 1* Note: See VSS instructions here:


What does the engine management harness conversion include?

We remove the unnecessary wiring, splice, bench test, wrap, and label the harness for installation. A complete set of instructions is included.

Which years do you recommend?

Up to 2010 Forester/Impreza (2004 Forester turbo, 05 on WRX Turbo), Up to 04 Legacy - see more here: Which Engine?

I've never pulled a wiring harness, how do I do this?

Watch the BUSARU wiring harness videos here: and here:

Which vehicles do you build engine management harnesses for?

Classic VW's, Porsches, Subarus, Kit Cars such as Factory Five 818, Sandrails, boats, Snow Cats and on and on... nearly anything that you wish to put a Subaru engine into.

How long does the wiring harness conversion take?

Occasionally up to 4 weeks but can expedite with 1 week turnaround for $100 - make sure to note this on the Harness Info Sheet.

What wiring harness items do I need to pull from the donor car?

- Check here for the connectors you need to keep: Harness Connectors

- The main wiring harness under the dash.

- The Subaru computer which sits in the passenger foot rest on 1995+ cars, and is under the driver-side dash on 1990-1994 cars.

- The Ignitor, Mass Airflow Sensor, Oxygen Sensors, Atmospheric Pressure Sensor and PSSSV on passenger shock tower in engine bay (some models do not have these 2). Some models (turbo and 6cyl have a fuel pump controller that you will want to keep as well).

- If you have an OBD2 car then make sure to keep that connector (it sits in the driver-side kick panel).

- Keep the alternator harness (It can be cut at the fender, and where it enters the black relay box).

- Turbo conversions require the Fuel Pump Controller in the rear-right/left of the vehicle so grab the controller, its connector, and as much of the wiring to the connector as you can.

The wiring harness continues to the back of the donor car, do I need this?

You can cut the wiring that leads to the rear of the car.

What do I need to send to BUSARU for wiring harness modification?

- The main wiring harness under the dash AND the ECU computer - you keep the sensors and engine harness (under intake manifold).

What is a Code Killer?

- CK is a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) defeater, solving up to 9 common DTCs related to these engine swaps. This is optional and these DTC's don't affect performance of your engine although it is a good way to "clean up" your install and make your Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) more useful (as it won't constantly be on and will only trigger when a critical DTC is triggered).

What about Cruise Control and AC?

- If wanting to use the entire Subaru CC or AC system please clip the CC/AC connectors from the main harness before sending, as these are separate harnesses and not part of the engine management harness. Find the CC/AC wiring diagrams in the factory service manuals found here:

What is a JDM/EDM?

- Japanese Domestic Market/Euro Domestic Market engines and wiring harnesses and imported directly from Japan. Please email before sending, as we need to make sure we can take on your JDM/EDM harness.  If you're unsure whether your harness is JDM then just send an email and we'll get you sorted.

Can I use an Auto Trans ECU in a manual trans VW and vice versa?

- Yes