Part 6B - Installation of Subaru 2.2 Liter engine

Part 6B is a continuation of Part 6A and resumes the installation of the EJ22 into the Vanagon. In Part 6B we document how we installed the air intake, throttle, fuel, and wiring systems to complete the transformation from Vanagon into SubaruVanagon. Follow along as we examine these areas in detail. 

 Overview and Approximate Time Needed:


Process Description

~ Time (hours)


Installation of air intake assembly


Modification of throttle assembly


Install fuel lines and belt


Test and installation of wiring harness





* Approximate Total Time =


*When you factor in rest and prep time, a mechanically inclined person could finish these steps in a little over a day. For someone new to working on cars, this may take a couple of days.

Step 5: Installation of air intake assembly 

In this step we will install the air intake and vacuum lines to the charcoal canister and intake manifold. There are only a few connections that need to be made so this step should go quickly once the cuts and bends are made to the intake duct and vacuum lines. Lets take a closer look!

Now that the main intake ducting is in place we can connect the accessory vacuum connections and finish off this step.

Step 6: Modification of throttle assembly

This is one of my favorite steps as it's quick and it results in a very clean arrangement of the throttle mechanism. The use of an angle grinder with a metal cut off wheel or a hacksaw is needed for this step

Step 7: Install fuel lines and belt

We are getting very close to starting the SubaruVanagon for the first time since the start of the conversion. Follow along as we get the fuel system and belt figured out.

Step 8: Testing and installation of wiring harness

The final major step before the SubaruVanagon is ready for the streets. We will show how we placed the wiring harness, in test form, and start the motor to check for problems in the wiring BEFORE we tape it all up. Remember that before starting for the first time we need to replace the motor oil, fill the coolant system, and connect the battery. But before all that, lets get the wiring harness in so it can be tested.

Once no faults are found with the wiring harness it can be taped up and readied for final installation. Follow along as we create the space for the computer and route the wires to the appropriate locations in the engine bay.


We covered a lot of information in Part 6A and Part 6B - Congratulations, you made it! At this point you are probably itching to get your SubaruVanagon out on the open road, but lets be scientific and do some testing. In the next article we will explain coolant purging, troubleshooting, and some final details that will clean up the installation of the Subaru EJ22 into your Vanagon.