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Vehicle Speed Sensor Kit

* VSS Type:

The standard VSS uses a bracket designed for VW Bus, Vanagon, Bug* and other VW's. You can see a video here: Just bolt up to the clutch cable stay, align with CV axle bolts (using the built-in LED as a pickup reference), and you're off and running.

VSS Install Instructions: Vehicle Speed Sensor Installation Comes with sensor and bracket. The bracket ships unpainted. Not used for speedometer purposes  

Limited Lifetime WARRANTY: I have tested this sensor underwater for weeks, and am running my original sensor that was installed in 2013, that's why I'm confident enough to back this sensor. If you ever have electrical issues with this sensor I will happily send you another, but I don't think you'll ever have issues - I haven't seen a single electrical problem with these.

*Bug/T1 VSS brackets need to be slightly bent to angle toward the CV bolt heads.

The Swingarm Transaxle version (eVSS) simulates a vehicle speed for applications where a Standard VSS is difficult to mount (Swingarm Trans) or sensitive to mud and grime (sandrail, etc). It mounts near the computer and happily simulates a vehicle speed. eVSS Install Instructions: Vehicle Speed Sensor Installation


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