Vehicle Speed Sensor Installation

Bus/Van/Bug/IRS transmission: Install bracket using the lower clutch cable bracket bolt (Driver Side). Bug/T1 brackets need to be slightly bent to angle toward the CV bolt heads. Use the built-in LED to know if sensor is picking up the bolt heads effectively - it will light up as the CV axle bolt passes by.

Automatic Transmissions: We have found it best to use the lower starter bolt hole on the passenger side. Slight enlargement of the VSS bolt hole is necessary when using this location. 

Electronic eVSS for SwingAxle/Offroad Applications: The Electronic VSS mounts near the Subaru ECU and outputs a randomized signal. It uses the same wiring configuration as above, however the power source must be 5V+ (tie into the sensor reference power lead such as the Throttle Position Sensor reference power wire). You can find your ECU pinout sheet here:  Use the pinout to find your reference power supply bus.