Aircooled Vanagon Conversion Parts List

Below is a parts list for the DIY'er who wants to convert their 80-83.5 year Aircooled Vanagon to a Subaru engine. I've had great luck with these parts in converting everything over to Subaru - Build the Adventure!

Aircooled Vanagon Conversion Parts List: Approx. Pricing  
KEP Manual/Auto Transmission adapter kit, Exhaust Header, Catalytic converter and welded Muffler assembly, Muffler Bracket, Crossmember $1,500 Must order over the phone
BUSARU Wiring Harness Conversion with Speed Sensor $485
Rubber Coolant Hoses for stock radiator $50 Inlet and Return
Metal Coolant Pipes $350 Stainless Pipes
Vanagon Radiator $130 Stock Replacement Rad
Coolant Pressure Bottle, Level Sensor, Cap $20 Stock Replacement Bottle , Level Sensor , Cap
Clutch Kit $120 Stock replacement Clutch Kit
Optional: Large heater assembly (For Under Rear Seat) $190
Optional: Shortened Subaru Oil Pan $230 Must order over the phone
Alternator Belt, Continental 270K4 $5
Optional: WiFi Adapter for Smartphone gauges $20
Optional: OBD Fusion App $10